Susan Eisman

About Susan Eisman

Susan is an attorney licensed in Colorado and Missouri.  After 13 years as a practicing attorney, representing clients in a diverse range of cases, some principals remain constant.  Most cases settle out of court, whittled down to a dollar amount with a winner and a loser.  Often, parties walk away from a settlement unsatisfied with the results, but that’s what expected out of our justice system.   Cases start out of happy relationships, businesses merging, marriages,   Most cases do not begin with one person owing another money and parties usually have many interests in addition to a financial stake in the outcome.

Relationships become “case” when expectations are not met, injuries occur, etc

Susan Eisman is a peacemaker.  earned her Juris Doctorate at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, School of Law and has completed advanced training in conflict resolutions, mediation and negotiation.