Olde Town Law & Mediation

Olde Town Law was founded by Susan Eisman, Attorney at Law. Susan has more than an education in law. She has a lineage. Susan grew up watching her Grandfather help neighbors and community members in many ways. From the act of helping  create a Will, setting up a business or helping resolve a dispute between neighbors or family. Susan’s father was also an attorney who followed in her Grandfathers footsteps. This path was one of integrating problem solving at a community level.

Susan’s up bringing allowed he r to see that the law is based on the principle of promoting harmony. The concept of creating effective solutions for her client is the driving force of the law firm “Olde Town Law”.

Litigation is not always the answer to solving a problem. This is exemplified in many cases whether it be on a National level or personal level. The fact a Judge signs a Court order is usually not an effective solution in resolving the root cause of the problem. Often the Court Order that is signed is not what either party wanted.

The act of mediation allows parties to sit down and define the problem. When the core problem is discovered the chances of a real life solution to the problem increase infinitely. Let’s look at a common problem many people face today.

Parenting plans are often a hotly contested and long drawn out court battle that leaves both parties bitter and the children bear the greatest emotional cost. In every case both parents want what is best for the child. A good mediator can keep the parents focused on the fact it is what is best for the child at the heart of the issue.

In mediation Old Towne Law can guide you to keep the focus on what both parties agree on, (what’s best for the child) when the focus starts on common ground the details surrounding it can often be solved using “out of the box” thinking and solutions. As opposed to litigation where a Judge and Court will make the decision for both parties. Mediation provides parties an opportunity to build a plan that is in the child’s best interest by discovering core issues and  working together to resolve them.

This example demonstrates the Core Philosophy of “Olde Town Law” the belief that court documents can be tailored to provide what the Law was Truly intended to do…. The promotion of harmony.

Olde Towne Law offers proactive services such as providing Wills, helping you structure a sound legal base for your business and much more.

If you are looking for real life solutions to real life problems Olde Towne Law is the Law Firm for you.